About Us

With decades of experience at its core, JACAERO has become a well-respected and sought after source in the aviation industry.

Who We Are


In 2010, after over two decades servicing the aviation industry, JACAERO Founder and CEO John Jacobs and his wife Patrice, a finance and human resources professional, sought out to create a new kind of aviation parts company – a company devoted to progress, but unwilling to sacrifice personable service along the way. After all, John had built his reputation within the aviation industry based on unrivaled customer service, honesty, and dependability.

The goal was to scale in the most responsible and ultimately worthwhile way possible. The vision was to create a well-respected company where “it’s all about YOU.” Now, over a decade later, we’re still an independent, family-owned and operated organization grounded in trust, integrity, and loyalty. These are the core values of JACAERO.

What We do

Our dedication and steadfast commitment to each materials support job ensures that, at a moment’s notice, your material requirements can be withdrawn from stock and dispatched to your designated location via a multitude of transportation methods. The result is solutions supplied in minutes to save hours on the ground.


The Jacaero Difference

Choosing the right partner in today’s aviation industry can be daunting. We sought out to create an organization that makes your choice a little bit easier. Experience the JACAERO difference – personalized service and a collegial atmosphere, along with advanced services and processes, under the directive of top-tier management. All now conveniently found under one roof.

Our Pledge

JACAERO promises to provide the support, quality, and streamlined processes of larger organizations while maintaining a close-knit, personalized environment – the best of both worlds. From consumables, rotables, and the specialized field of airframe related components, our product base is vast and continually expanding. Nevertheless, we continue to value the small, important details and to keep our client base manageable to ensure each customer is made to feel as important as they are.

Let’s Talk

We invite you to become a member of the JACAERO family. Contact us to truly see why at Jacaero - it’s all about YOU.